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O nouă monedă comemorativă cipriotă - 26.06.2017

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Another occasion for which I would like to thank my friend Paul (Euromunter), for sending me the first image and information on the commemorative 2-euro coin that Cyprus is dedicating this year to the city of Paphos as European Capital of Culture 2017, honor that shares with the danish of Aarhus. 

The coin represents the image of the ancient Odeon of Paphos, this small amphitheater built with limestone in the 2nd century was and is used as a building for theatrical and musical performances. In this same place will be held many events within the program Pafos 2017.

The expected emission volume for the coin is 430,000 pieces. The scheduled date of issue is during the month of November.

Paphos 2017

The motto of the hundreds of events organized by Paphos 2017 is the motto "Uniting continents, bridging cultures". The first Cypriot city to host the European Capital of Culture takes advantage of its multicultural experiences and geographical proximity to the Middle East and North Africa to strengthen relations between countries and between cultures. Paphos will become an immense open stage, an "open-air factory", where a tradition of thousands of years of cultural life in open spaces meets contemporary forms of creating, thinking and living.

2 Euro Commemorative Coins 2017

2 Euro commemorative coins from Cyprus
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