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Noi monede comemorative din Portugalia - 09.06.2018

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The Portuguese INCM continues with the series of coins that under the name of «Idols of Sport», it emits in honor of athletes who have been an example of effort, will and talent, being a source of pride and inspiration for several generations of Portuguese.

The third coin with the authorship of the sculptor João Cutileiro is dedicated to Rosa Mota, Olympic and world champion in one of the most emblematic disciplines of athletics, the marathon.

The coin presents on the obverse a stylized image of many legs in running position, the legend 'Portugal' and the nominal value "7.50 €" appear in the lower area of ​​the coin and in the upper part the coat of arms of Portugal.

On the back, on the left, the representation of the profile athlete's face and, on the right side, the legends "Rosa Mota 2018" and "INCM" and the author's mark, João Cutileiro.

The coin with facial of 7.5 euros, is available in three versions with the same design, one in silver of 500 that you can get at your face value in Portugal, and the other two, minted one in 925 silver and the other in gold, in proof quality both.

Characteristics of coins
Author: João Cutileiro
Facial value: 7.5 euros
Metal: Silver 500 / Silver 925 / Gold 999
Diameter: 33 mm / 33 mm / 28 mm
Roll: 100,000 / 2,500 / 2,500
Weight: 13 g / 13.5 g / 23, 33 g
Price: € 7.50 / € 55.35 / € 1,300
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