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O nouă monedă comemorativă din Peru - 15.03.2018 - VIDEO

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The fourth coin of the series "Endangered Wildlife of Peru", dedicated to the "Andean Tapir", has been put into circulation today March 15. This coin and the ten of which the collection consists, are circulating coins with 1 sun facial. The collection of coins is intended, through a means of payment for mass use, raise awareness about the importance of the preservation of the species of our environment and care for the environment, as well as continue the momentum of the numismatic culture in Peru and in the world. 

On the back, in the central part, there is an image of the Andean Tapir. It also shows a geometric design of vertical lines, the National Currency House brand , as well as the scientific name of the Andean Tapir: Tapirus pinchaque, the denomination in number and the name of the monetary unit. Concentric circles with an openwork hummingbird, as a symbol of the series , can be seen next to the denomination. In the upper part the phrase TAPIR ANDINO is shown.

On the obverse we can see in the center the Coat of Arms of Peru surrounded by the legend "BANCO CENTRAL DE RESERVA DEL PERÚ", the year of minting and an inscribed polygon with eight sides that forms the fillet of the coin.

This is the fourth coin, of the ten that make up the Series Wildlife Threatened Peru, which have been issued 10 million units of this piece.

Characteristics of the currency

Denomination: 1 sol
Alloy: Alpaca
Weight: 7.32 g
Diameter: 25.50 mm 
Edge: Fluted
Year of issue: 2018
Issue volume: 10 million
Sursa: Youtube Utilizator: Banco Central de Reserva del Perú
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