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O nouă monedă comemorativă din Finlanda - 19.10.2018

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In August of 2017 the one that then seemed to be the last coin of the series Presidents of Finland was emitted. The Suomen Rahapaja, Finland Mint, today presented the coin that definitely completes the collection, dedicated to Mauno Koivisto. The series was scheduled to pay tribute to the presidents who have already died, although the fact that during the emission of the latter died the one who held the presidency in ninth place, Mauno Koivisto (1982 -1994), who died on May 12, 2017 at the at age 93, which is now honored with the 5 euro coin of bimetallic type that I present below.

The issue of the currency is scheduled for next November 19. This and all of the series, designed by Tero Lounas, can be purchased in BU and Proof qualities. The series consists of nine pieces that have been issued between 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The obverse of the coin features the portrait of President Mauno Henrik Koivisto, his name and the years in which he lived 1923-2017. 

On the reverse, common to the whole series, a landscape of Finnish fields appears, framing an open book that represents a built urban environment.

Characteristics of coins

Facial value: 5 euros
Metals: Aluminum-Bronze and Copper-Nickel
Diameter: 27.25 mm
Weight: 9.8 g
Issuance volume: 30,000 BU and 6,000 Proof
Date of issue: November 19, 2018
Designer: Tero Lounas

Coins that make up the series and dates of issuance

KJ Ståhlberg - May 3, 2016
L.K. Relander - July 18, 2016
P.E. Svinhufvud - August 25, 2016
Kyösti Kallio - November 21, 2016
Risto Ryti - March 6, 2017
C.GE Mannerheim - July 10, 2017
J.K. Paasikivi - August 14, 2017 U.K. Kekkonen - August 14, 2017 M.H. Koivisto - November 19, 2018
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