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O nouă bancnotă de circulație din Elveția - 20.08.2018 - VIDEO

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Everything is prepared so that next Wednesday, August 22, the National Bank of Switzerland will put into circulation the new 200 franc note (€ 175). This will be the fourth of the new and innovative series that the 50, 20 and 10 francs have already had on the street for some time. The following, which will complete the new series, will be the 1000 series, in March 2019 and the 100 series, in the fall of 2019.

The inspiration behind the new series of tickets is 'The many facets of Switzerland'. Each
denomination represents a typically Swiss characteristic, which is then illustrated graphically using a range of elements. The 200 franc note focuses on the scientific experience of Switzerland, expressed by the subject, the key reason for the ticket. The main elements of the design in the new series are the hand and the globe, which appear in all denominations.

The new banknotes meet the traditional Swiss security standards for their currency. They have numerous security measures, some new, others proven. Using a range of technologies, these features are incorporated into the innovative three-layer note substrate (Durasafe®). The new series offers a unique combination of complex security features and sophisticated design, making counterfeiting difficult.

Although the design elements differ from one banknote to another, the concept of security is identical throughout the series. The security features described in the video that I leave below, are based on the 50 francs bill.

Sursa: Youtube Utilizator: Schweizerische Nationalbank – Banque nationale suisse – Swiss National Bank 

The ninth series of Swiss banknotes
In 2005, the National Bank of Switzerland held a competition to determine the design of the ninth series of banknotes. The competition was won by Manuel Krebs, but his designs, which include representations of blood cells and embryos, met with enough opposition from the general public to discourage the bank from moving forward with them.
As a result, the ninth series of Swiss franc notes is based on the designs of the finalist who finished second, Manuela Pfrunder. The series was scheduled to be released around 2010, but was delayed until 2015 due to technical problems in production. The new 50 franc note was issued on April 12, 2016, followed by the 20 franc note on May 17, 2017, the 10 franc note on October 18, 2017 and the one that I presented to you of 200 francs, the August 22, 2018.

The Bank of Switzerland also broadcast two very interesting videos about the new tickets, in one we see how with an application you can know the security measures and some animations, in the other we will know your manufacturing process.
 Sursa: Youtube Utilizator: Schweizerische Nationalbank – Banque nationale suisse – Swiss National Bank 
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