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Noi monede comemorative din Rusia - 04.01.2018

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On December 28, among the coins issued by the Bank of Russia, highlights those belonging to a series called "Diamond Fund of Russia", of which two new pieces have been put on sale, in three versions each.

The Diamond Fund is a unique state collection of goldsmith work of high historical value and material as well as rough and carved stones, gold and silver nuggets. Among the world-renowned collections of jewelery works, the diamond fund occupies one of the main places. The permanent exhibition "The Diamond Fund" was inaugurated in 1967 in the Armory building located in the Moscow Kremlin.

The first coin represents one of the jewels that is exhibited in the collection, it is like a folding arch made of silver, gold, diamonds and spinel. Such decorations were used in a wide ribbon of lace or black velvet, covering the neck with strength and resembling the neck of a slave, hence the name (esclavage). The specimen presented in the collection was created in 1764. This piece was used by Empress Catherine II of Russia. 


The second coin shows a bouquet-size, small hollow container for bouquets that was carried in the hand or that was attached to the dress. It was made about the year 1770, in gold covered with green enamel and diamond stems in the form of interlaced ribbons. It was also a piece used by Empress Catherine II of Russia.

The ladies of the main European courts wore these peculiar corsages, which even served as presents for queens. Later, the women of the bourgeoisie took it as a sign of distinction.

As I told you each coin has three different finishes, always minted in 925 silver. I have shown you the most expensive version of each, of which only 150 pieces are minted, which makes them practically impossible to achieve. The sizes of these pieces are super large, 60 mm in diameter in Proof finish, has a facial of 25 rubles and its reverse has the usual image in Russian coins of this type.

Image of the other three that make up the series for now.


More on the diamond fund of Russia

The Diamond Fund of Russia is a collection of works of goldsmiths of the XVIII-XX centuries, one of the few treasures of the world that keeps the unique jewels of the crown. The collection is exhibited permanently in the homonymous exhibition in the Moscow Kremlin.

The Diamond Fund owes its origin to Pedro Primero. In the reign of this Tsar coronation royalties were considered as "pieces belonging to the State" and were kept in the Treasury of St. Petersburg in a chest with three locks. Later other decorative jewels began to be integrated into the treasury.

At the beginning of the First World War in 1914, St. Petersburg was in danger and the values ​​were quickly transferred to Moscow. There the jewels were denominated like the Fund of Diamonds of Russia in 1922 and they were described and studied meticulously by the specialists.

In 1927 and 1933 most of the crown jewels were sold at foreign auctions according to the decision of the Council of People's Commissars. The rest, like those of greater historical and artistic importance, in 1967 integrated a permanent exhibition that enjoyed tremendous success. Since then the exhibition was completed with many new objects, including diamonds extracted from their own deposits, samples of gold and platinum nuggets and more than one hundred wonderful modern works created by Russian specialists. 
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