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Catalogul şi informaţii despre World Money Fair 2018 - 07.01.2018 - PDF - VIDEO

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On the weekend of February 2 to 4, 2018, the world of numismatics will meet in Berlin at the 47th World Money Fair, where more than 300 exhibitors and 60 currency houses will meet. the world. The organizers expect an influx of around 15,000 visitors, as in previous editions. This year the guest of honor will be the Dutch Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt.

Institutional video of the Dutch mint that will show at the fair.
Sursa: Youtube Utilizator: KoninklijkeNedMunt
Coinciding with the fair will be able to see and get several coins of 2 euros commemorative 2018 at face value, those of Germany that are always issued during this event, this year dedicated to the "Centennial of the Birth of Helmut Schmidt" and dedicated to " State of Berlin - Charlottenburg Palace ". The Austrian "100 Years of the Republic of Austria" already in circulation since last day 2. And perhaps the French, which is issued officially one day after the end of the fair, dedicated to celebrate the Centenary of the end of the First World War in which "Le Bleuet de France" (The Cornflower of France) is represented. 

A large part of the European Mint will present their numismatic programs of 2018, among which as always will have an outstanding place the Austrian Münzen Osterreich that as every year will coin part of the most beautiful coins of the year. Above you can see the niobium of this year dedicated to the Anthropocene.

Down the 30 euros for the 50th anniversary of the King that will be available in Spanish financial institutions from January 30, and that surely will be present at the fair.

On the Spanish side, apart from presenting the corresponding program, which is certainly expected some surprise in terms of innovation, it will be sold during the Fair the portfolio or euroset that each year the FNMT issues for the event, with the content of the eight regular circulation coins and the commemorative 2 euros dedicated to the Old Town of Santiago de Compostela.

Completing the information, I leave the Catalog of the World Money Fair 2018 PDF , which was published a few days ago. Although it is in English and German it is very interesting. Among other things there are interviews with heads of Mint Houses, which tell us about their future issues along with images of coins of great beauty.

In Visual Numismatics, as in previous years, I will try to keep you informed of all the news that will be produced in this great event.

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