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O nouă monedă comemorativă din Letonia - 06.04.2019

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Last Sunday I told you that Latvia would issue a commemorative 2 euro coin during the autumn of this year dedicated to the history of the Latvian national shield, under the name of "The Rising Sun", today we already have the image that will be represented in the currency accompanied by a press release from the Bank of Latvia.

Communiqué from the Bank of Latvia
Latvijas Banka plans to issue a 2 euro commemorative coin this fall under the name "The Rising Sun" dedicated to the history of the Latvian Shield.

The reason for a rising sun was very popular at the time of the founding of the Latvian state. The rising sun symbolizes a new country.

The solar motif created by the artist Ansis Cīrulis in 1915 was reproduced for the first time on the insignia and flag of the Battalion of Riflemen of Latvia Daugavgrīva.

It was also part of the design proposal of the symbol of an autonomous Latvia, created by the artist Ansis Cīrulis in 1917. Later, this motif emerged as one of the basic elements of the Latvian Shield.

The subject of the rising sun was used several times by Ansis Cīrulis in his work, including the first postmark of Latvia and the interior decorations of the Hall of Ambassadors of Riga Castle.

At the same time, with this coin we will also pay tribute to the artistic contribution of Ansis Cīrulis to Latvian culture.

The issue volume of the commemorative coin of 2 euros "The Rising Sun" is 300,000 pieces distributed in rolls and 7,000 in coincard, in BU quality.

I remind you that there will be a second 2 euro coin commemorating Latvia this year, of which the reason for which it will be dedicated is not known.

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