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Monedele comemorative emise de Canada în luna Aprilie 2019 - 14.04.2019 - VIDEO

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Another month I have prepared a selection of images of the numismatic issues that have been put on sale by the Royal Canadian Mint during this month of April 2019.

It is surprising to check the number of different coins that this Mint can present each month, but most importantly, the great majority of these are of great beauty, being pieces that can have a prominent place in any collection. The downside is that they are coins with very limited runs and in general very high prices.


If you want to expand information on any of these currencies, I leave you link to the online store of the Royal Canadian in its section of news.

I also leave you some publicity videos of the Mint of Canada, in which they show us coins of some of their most interesting collections issued during the last months.

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