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O nouă monedă comemorativă din Austria - 23.10.2018

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One of the most popular and enduring songs of all time celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2018. Noche de Paz was performed for the first time on Christmas Eve 1818 in the church of San Nicolás in the town of Oberndorf, Austria. The church was destroyed by a flood at the beginning of the 20th century, it was relocated to a safer place upstream with a new building. A chapel was built under the name of " Stille-Nacht-Gedächtniskapelle " (Night of Peace Memorial Chapel) in homage to the old church. 

With the title of Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht of his original German, Noche de Paz has been translated into 140 different languages ​​and has been recorded and covered many times, from Elvis Presley to the Children Singers of Vienna. It was even sung simultaneously in German, French and English in the trenches of the Western Front during the Christmas truce of 1914. The famous carol was first performed by the priest Joseph Mohr, who wrote the lyrics, and the school teacher and organist Franz Xaver Gruber, who wrote the music. . The first interpretation of the song in the United States was in the city of New York in 1839. In 2011, Noche de Paz was declared intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.


The coin shows on the face of its face value the building where the Night of Peace Memorial Chapel is located, inside a snowy landscape. In a starry sky, a Christmas star appears and lights up in the darkness. 

On the other side, the nativity scene is represented with Mary, Joseph and the Child Jesus.

Characteristics of the currency

Quality Proof
Reason 200 years of the night of Christmas Carol de Paz
Facial 20 euros
Design Helmut Andexlinger, Herbert Wähner, Anna Rastl and Kathrin Kuntner
Diameter 34.00 mm
Alloy 925 silver
Roll 30,000
Price € 59.40
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