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Noi monede comemorative din Italia - 25.10.2018

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Surely you will remember that a few days ago I was revealing the reason for one of the coins of 2 euros commemorative of Italy for 2019 that will be coined, and another that was presented initially to Europe and later withdrawn. Today we are going to know the two, the one that we will have in our pockets next year and the one that we do not know exactly why it was canceled.

500th Anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci


The design shows a part of the painting "Dama con l'ermellino" (The Dame of the Ermine) by Leonardo da Vinci (Czartoryski Museum in Krakow). On the left, the inscription "Leonardo", the initials of the author Maria Angela Cassol "MAC" and the logo "RI", initials of the Italian Republic; to the right, "R", mint mark of the Casa de la Moneda de Roma and the dates "1519-2019", year of Leonardo's death and year of issue of the coin; around, the twelve stars of the European Union.

The announced issue volume is 3,000,000 coins, its expected issuance date is January 2019, although that date will be for the coins that will come out in special presentations for sale. The rolls of circulation coins, based on the experiences of recent years, will be much later.

Centenary of the Associazione Nazionale Alpini
The coin has the representation of an alpine soldier who patrols a mountain area along with a mule, devoted companion of the Alpine Corps from its origin. In the foreground an edelweiss (flower of snows), symbol of courage and perseverance.
Around the inner core is the inscription "Associazione Nazionale Alpini"; to the left, above, the logo "RI", acronym of the Italian Republic, below, "R", mint mark of the Casa de la Moneda de Roma; on the right the dates "1919-2019", as the date of establishment of the association and the year in which the currency was to be issued; down "SP" initials of the author, Silvia Petrassi; around, the twelve stars of the European Union.

As I said, the currency will not be issued, but it also had an issuance volume of 3,000,000 coins planned for the same date, January 2019.

Now we have to wait to know what will be the reason chosen to replace this currency.

Thanks to partner Paul (Euromunter) for the information.

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