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Programul numismatic al Austriei pentru 2019 - 22.08.2018

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The Münzen Österreich begins to unveil the coins it will issue in 2019, we have many new features for next year, there are several collections that begin, as they are mostly authentic works of art of which it is considered by many to be the best Mint in the world. world.

First of all note that there will be no commemorative 2 euro coin in 2019, apart from the fact that it does not appear in the program, it has been confirmed to me by the department responsible for communication.

Let's see the program and then we will discuss some of the new series illustrated with some sketches that you will love.

Austrian coins for the year 2019 ordered by date of issue

Emissions in 2018 with date of stamp 2019

December 5 - 5 euros in copper or silver - New Year's currency 2019
December 5 - Euroset quality BU 2019 - 8 regular values ​​from 1 cent to 2 euro

Emissions in 2018 with the date of the 2019 and 2020 edition
January 23 - 20 euros in silver - Towards Heaven - Reaching the sky
January 23 - Euroset quality Proof 2019 - 825th Anniversary Austrian Mint
February 13 - 50 euros in gold - Vienna School of Psychotherapy - Viktor Frankl
February 13 - 3 euros in cupronickel - Series Colorful Creatures - La Tortuga
March 13 - 5 euros in copper or silver - Easter coin - Wake up Spring
April 10 - 10 euros in copper or silver - Knight Tales Series - Cavalry
May 8 - 20 euros in silver - 50th Anniversary of the moon landing
June 12 - 25 euros in silver and niobium - Artificial Intelligence
June 12 - 3 euros in cupronickel - Colorful Creatures Series - The Otter
September 11 - 10 euros in copper or silver - Knight Tales Series - Adventures
September 11 - 3 euros in cupronickel - Series Colorful Creatures - Crab
October 16 - 100 euros in gold - The Magic of Gold Series - First coin
November 6 - 20 euros in silver - Towards the sky - The power flight arrives
November 6 - 3 euros in cupronickel - New series
December 4 - 5 euros in copper or silver - New Year's currency 2020
December 4 - Euroset quality BU 2020 - 8 regular values ​​from 1 cent to 2 euros

To celebrate the "825th Anniversary of the Austrian Mint," a series of specially designed coins composed of one ounce of silver will be issued on the following dates: January 23, March 13 and October 16. 

New Series

To the sky

Series of four silver coins of which two will be issued in 2019 and two in 2020. The series traces the most important stages in the invention of aviation: how a dream came true in many ways .

825th Anniversary of the Austrian Mint (ounces of silver)
Three will be the coins of an ounce of silver that will make us travel to the year 1194 to place us in the year in which the Austrian Mint begins its journey. The protagonists are a knight, a city and a well-known legend.

Knight Tales Series 

Medieval legends have lost none of their appeal over the centuries. This series of five pieces, presents authentic and legendary heroes that shed light on the virtues and talents of the Order of the Knights. Series of five coins with facials of 10 euros that can be purchased in copper or silver, the first at face value.

New series of coins of 3 euros 
At the end of 2019, after finishing with the Colorful Creatures Series, we will have a sequel, which is announced will also surprise us, as they did with the previous ones because of their color and brightness in the dark, the new coins will also provide us with a surprise effect

To finish I leave the original program (in English), where it appears some more data, as compositions or diameters of the pieces and their volumes of emission. 
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