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O nouă monedă comemorativă din Belgia - 07.08.2018

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As you know those who follow Visual Numismatics, a few days ago I told you that Belgium had planned to issue a commemorative 2 euro coin dedicated to the "50th anniversary of the launch of ESRO 2B satellite" also known as Iris ( International Radiation Investigation Satellite) , in Spanish, International Satellite for Radiation Research. Today our colleague Paul (Euromunter) sends me the image that will be printed on the coin.


The inner part of the coin shows the ESRO 2B satellite, the first satellite of the European Organization for Space Research, launched in May 1968, circling around the planet Earth. Once in orbit, it concentrated on solar X-rays, cosmic radiation and the Earth's radiation belts.

The Dutch Royal Dutch Mint will coin the coins, they will present the mint mark of Utrech, along with the mark of the director of the Belgian Mint, the code of the issuing country BE and the initials LL that refer to the designer of the coin, Luc Lucycx.

The expected date of issuance is October 2018, the volume of emission will be 260,000 pieces, those of BU quality presented all in coincard and those of Proof quality in box. Rolled coins are not expected to circulate.

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