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O nouă monedă comemorativă din Argentina - 10.06.2018 - VIDEO

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Argentina, one of the favorite countries to win the 2018 Football World Cup, already has its official currency for the sporting event that begins in less than a week. It is a silver coin with a 5 peso facial that has been struck in Spain by the National Currency and Stamp Factory. 

The main imprint of the obverse shows, with the repetition of the silhouette, the wake that the player prints in the air while dominating the ball in its race through the playing field creating the illusion of speed. In the upper arch the inscriptions "WORLD CUP FIFA RUSSIA 2018 TM " are shown. 

The reverse illustrates part of a playing field, in the center it reads "ARGENTINE REPUBLIC" flanked by two stars that symbolize the Argentine triumphs in the world championships of that sport of 1978 and 1986; in the exergue it presents the face value "5 PESOS" followed by the year of coinage "2018".


Face value: 5 Pesos
Quality: Proof
Metal: 925 Silver Edge
: Striated
Weight: 27 g
Diameter: 40 mm
Issue volume: 1,900

The presentation of the coin, which you can see in the next video, includes case, acrylic capsule and certificate of authenticity.
Sursa: Youtube Utilizator: Banco Central de la República Argentina
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