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Noi monede comemorative din Mongolia - 06.06.2018

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The reverses of this year’s Mongolian Wildlife Protection silver 500 togrog (top) and gold 1,000 togrog (bottom) feature the Wild Boar. (Images courtesy Coin Invest Trust, Lichtenstein)
The latest issue in the Mongolian Wildlife Protection series is now out. This year, the coins feature Sus scrofa, commonly known as the Wild Boar, Wild Swine or Eurasian Wild Pig.

As usual in this long-lived series, the silver 500 togrog is struck on a 38.61 millimeter, one-ounce, .999 fine antique-finished silver flan in smartminting© high relief. The boar is featured face-on and highlighted with amber-colored SWAROVSKI® crystal eyes. Mintage is 2,500.

The 11 mm, 0.5 gram, .9999 fine gold 1,000-togrog proof features a sow and piglet. It has a mintage of 15,000.

At the time of writing, the silver coin was already sold out at Lichtenstein’s Coin Invest Trust.

The Wildlife Protection series is set to conclude next year.
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