miercuri, 16 mai 2018

O nouă monedă comemorativă din Ucraina - 16.05.2018

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It is not necessary that a coin is dedicated to a great personage, a great construction or an ephemeris so that this one is attractive. The currency that I present today shows an activity to which few would dare to predict that it may be the theme chosen for a currency, "Cavando Patatas", is the name under which the Bank of Ukraine issues a coin on May 22 . The piece with a facial of 10 grivnas and minted in silver, transforms such mundane work into a work of art.

Among the primordial values ​​of the Ukrainians is the value given to the land as a nursery for humanity. The attraction and love for her, the work of this for thousands of years, will unite Man and Woman, symbolizing their heart-shaped figures in the central theme of one of the sides of the coin.

On the back of the coin on a mirror background are the stylized figures of a man and a woman digging potatoes, where their figures form a golden heart. In the circle are the inscriptions: КОПАННЯ КАРТОПЛІ (CAVANDO POTATOES).

On the obverse is a stylized image of a tree of life on a cultivated field of potatoes. Under the tree and between its roots appear the tubers in golden color. In the lower part of the coin we see the emblem of the state of Ukraine (left), the year of issue of the 2018 coin (on the right), the semicircular inscriptions: UKRAINE and its nominal value 10 GRIVNAS.

Characteristics of the currency

Face value: 10 hryven
Metal: 925 Silver
Diameter : 38.6 mm
Weight: 31.1 g
Issue volume: 4.000
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