luni, 16 aprilie 2018

O nouă monedă comemorativă din Lituania - 16.04.2018

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The Bank of Lithuania (Lietuvos Bankas) has provided new information and a real image of the commemorative 2 euro coin dedicated to the "Song and Dance Festival Lithuania 2018", where this year the national anthem will be sung with special pride and sensitivity, coinciding with the centenary of the restoration of the independence of Lithuania. 

The motif collects stylized figures of people and birds characteristic of one of the genres of Lithuanian popular art - paper cuttings symbolizing popular songs and dances. The indication of the issuing country "LIETUVA" is in the lower part, in the center; the year of issue «2018» is on the left side, and the mint mark of Lithuania is on the right side.

The anticipated volume of emission is of 500,000 pieces, of which 5,000 will be made available to collectors in BU quality, presented in a coincard. The date for its broadcast is scheduled for June 26, a few days before the Festival begins, in the cities of Vilna and Kaunas between June 30 to July 6.

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