joi, 29 martie 2018

Noi monede de circulaţie din Filipine - 29.03.2018

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The Central Bank of the Philippines has released its new series of currencies this week. Last December 12 put into circulation one of the new currencies that you reported here , now you have all the coins issued and circulating. Let's see how your new monetary currency cone is.

I present the coins in the form of chips, with all the details that each piece has, including security measures. Although the descriptions are in English, I think they are very easy to understand.

10 Peso


5 Peso
1 Peso

25 Cenţi

 5 Cenţi

1 Cent

Until the Central Bank of the Philippines decides, these coins can be used at the same time as the old series, which you can see under these lines.

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