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Despre o nouă monedă comemorativă americană - 01.03.2018

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APMEX, Inc., the nation’s largest Precious Metals e-retailer, is thrilled to introduce the first 2018 release in the Scottsdale Mint’s famed Bible Coin Series.

The Scottsdale Mint Biblical Coin Series highlights stories from The Bible. Some of the stories include the last supper, Adam and Eve, the nativity scene and more. Noah’s Dove, depicting the ark floating above the treacherous floodwaters with the dove symbolizing peace and hope, is the first release of 2018 and the 19th release of the overall Biblical Series.


Similar to all previous releases in the series, this 2 oz coin is cast from .999 fine Silver with antique finishing and a high relief, rimless design. The reverse depicts Gustave Doré’s illustration of the ark atop the floodwaters. The obverse features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth IIsurrounded by the weight, face value and purity. The edge is engraved with the unique serial number, from 1 to 1499, given to each coin.

Each 2 oz Silver Noah’s Dove coin comes with a certificate of authenticity, giving the coin’s minting specifications. A unique serial number that matches the laser-etched number on the coin and a detailed description of the story of the ark is also included on the certificate. The Scottsdale Mint issues the coin by the authority of the island of Niue, where it is legal tender.

This beautiful coin is now available for purchase to start or continue any Biblical Series collection. This stunning series continues in 2018 and you can shop this, and all previous issues, today at APMEX.

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