luni, 8 ianuarie 2018

O nouă monedă comemorativă de circulaţie din Polonia - 08.01.2018

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Although it will not be until next May when this circulation coin of 5 zlotych and bimetallic type is issued, the Bank of Poland has already made public the data and images of the coin that commemorates the Centennial of the Independence of Poland, after of having been divided between Prussia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russia for more than 120 years. 

The coin that has a great similarity to the 5 zlotych regular type, brand differences on the grounds surrounding the face value and especially the texts that appear in the ring " 100 th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland "

The obverse common to all circulation coins with this facial, shows in the center the eagle present on the Polish coat of arms, on the ring appears the inscription "Republic of Poland" and the year of issue "2018".

A curious fact is the volume of emission, which will be equal to the number of inhabitants with which Poland has.


Data of the currency and its emission

Metals: ring: cupronickel / central disc: aluminum and bronze
Dimensions: 24 mm
Weight: 6.54 g
Maximum emission volume: 38,424,000
Date of issue: May 22, 2018

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