marți, 9 ianuarie 2018

O nouă monedă comemorativă de aur austriacă - 09.01.2018

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The Münzen Österreich issues on January 24th the second coin of the series "Vienna Psychotherapy Schools" dedicated to Alfred Adler (1870 - 1937). Originally a member of the psychoanalytic movement of Sigmund Freud, Adler broke with Freud and founded the Society for Individual Psychology in 1912. Individual psychology became a viable alternative to psychoanalysis and, like the other two pioneers that appear in this series, Adler had a great impact on the development of psychotherapy, the scientific discipline established in Vienna in the twentieth century. 

Born in Vienna in 1870, Adler was the second of seven brothers born to Jewish parents of Hungarian descent. After his studies at the University of Vienna, Adler began to practice as an ophthalmologist. His clinical experience led him to conclude that each patient must be seen as a unique entity, that we are free beings, that we are not determined by our instincts and that we have to resolve the responsibilities that life imposes on us. This idea made individual psychology a therapeutic alternative to psychoanalysis, a development that was temporarily truncated by the First World War, during which Adler served as a physician in the Austrian Army.

After the war, Adler's influence grew considerably. In 1927 and 1928 he devoted himself to lecturing in the United States, where his optimistic vision of humanity reached great popularity. In the early 1930s, Adler's Jewish heritage forced him to close his Austrian clinics, leaving his country of birth. Adler died in 1937 during a conference tour in Scotland.

One side of the coin shows a portrait of the physician and founder of the individual psychology Alfred Adler. The other takes the example of a nuclear family, composed of a child, mother and father, (a community), a key concept in Adler's individual psychology. The volume of emission is 20,000 pieces.

Characteristics of the currency

Quality Proof
Series Schools of Psychotherapy of Vienna
Nominal value 50 euros
Design Helmut Andexlinger, Herbert Wähner
Diameter 22.00 mm
Alloy Gold 986
Fine weight 7.78 g
Price € 398
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